Smoke testing for pipeline cracks and leaks


Pipe line leaks and water damages are common plumbing problems that most of the homeowners face from time to time. Ignoring the leaks will lead to property damages hence it is important to rectify even the slightest plumbing leaks. Most of the time, the water leaks that are from a cracked pipelines go unnoticed until it has made a considerably damage to the property. If the crack is on the gas pipeline then it requires immediate repair in order to avoid a disaster. When there are cracks within a pipe line that is running a couple of meters long then it is a tiresome process to find out the leak using the traditional method. There is an easy method for identify the exact location where the crack has formed by conducting a smoke test. Both water and gas pipe lines can be checked using this method without having to pull out the entire pipeline. It is also the most reliable method to check pipe lines below the ground as well as those that are running through the walls.

In smoke test method a visible gas is forced through the vent of a plumbing line which will run through the pipe line and comes out through the cracks if detected. It is a non toxic gas hence is safe to use on even HVAC ducts. The tested area can be marked and repaired after identifying the problem area. It can be also used to detect broken and damaged toilet seals, sewage leaks etc. Even the most complicated pipe line leaks can be detected using this method.

Plumbing in an old house

Renovating an old house that is a century or more old is a challenge for the home owners. While renovating such houses you need to consider a lot of factors. The most significant part of the house that needs a renovation will be the kitchen. A kitchen needs to be updated to meet the modern standards. Plumbing is one major innovation that an old house would require. The plumbing materials that are used in the kitchen and the bathroom will be old and worn out. When you open the tap of an old kitchen sink you would notice that the water flow pressure is very low and annoying. To fix such a problem you need to replace all the pipelines. Earlier metal and clay pipelines where used which often gets clogged. Such pipelines have to be replaced with new ones.

Bathroom is another major area which requires renovation. Old bathroom will have old fixtures and fittings they should be replaced with the contemporary ones. While renovating a bathroom you not only have to replace all the visible fixtures and fittings but also those plumbing parts that run behind the walls. Renovating the bathroom will also help you conserve a lot of water as the fixtures that are now available save water usage. It is hence a good investment to renovate your whole plumbing system. Even the water heaters that are now available come with star rating ensuring lesser energy consumption. Updating the whole plumbing system of an old house by consulting a professional plumber will bring in a lot of saving from the utility bills.

The different types of plumbing parts

There are a lot of plumbing fixtures and parts used by the plumbers. To make it easier they are classified into a few major categories. Some of the categories are as follows. Tools that are used for plumbing related works includes pipe cutters, wrenches etc. Another broad category of plumbing includes the pipes and they come in different shapes and sizes. The accessories that are used for plumbing is another classification of plumbing it includes knobs, faucet, pipe tapes etc. The most common type of pipes used by the plumbers is the PVC pipes. The PVS pipes constitute of strong plastic material. They are light in weight and are easy to install. You can also find copper piping material but their use is usually limited due to its high cost.

The various shapes of pipes include curves, splitters, and long straight ones. In order to increase the length of the long straight pipes, two similar pipes are connected to each other with the help of a coupler. These different shapes of pipelines helps plumber to install the pipe lines in different areas of the building. The tools that are used to connect the pipes and install them properly includes hand saw and pipe cutters. Using these tools PVC pipes can be cut easily to cut copper pipes a much stronger and sharper cutter is used. If it is to cut pipe lines in a smaller area then a smaller cutter is used. It is secured at the place where the pipe needs to be cut and then rotated.

Some mistakes to avoid when remodeling a kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen can be painstaking but the end results are often pleasing. There are lot of changes that we can bring in a kitchen. Though it may be hard for us to materialize all of them due to financial constraints we can get it done to a certain extend according to the budget we have set aside. Since your kitchen is an important place in your house it deserves alterations once in a while. There are a few common mistakes that you are likely to make while remodeling your kitchen. Sometimes you end up over spending because in the end you will find out that you have spend more than what you have planned. While remodeling the kitchen you will also have to reason out whether it is worth remodeling. Remodeling a kitchen in an old house that has a very low resale value will be a waste of money. If you really want to remodel in such a case then limit the expenses to a bare minimum. Remodeling an old kitchen into a contemporary one is also not a good idea and it will lead to an identity crisis.

Not checking the plumbing system is another mistake that most of the homeowners make. The plumbing system also needs a revamp to fit the new plumbing fixtures and fittings. Ask your plumber to check the plumbing pipe lines and drains for any damages, leaks or clogs and get it repaired so that it won’t give you any trouble in the future. Repairing it after the remodeling work is complete is something you won’t like to even imagine.

Replacing a sink faucet on your own

Sometimes you would want to replace your bathroom faucet or kitchen sink faucet on your own so as to save some money on plumbing charges. There are many do it yourself video that can help you replace the faucet easily. When you find your kitchen or bathroom sink faucet is leaking then if replacement is an option the thing to do is to find out what type of faucet will suit the existing sink. There are different types of faucets available in the market. Find out the size of the inlet pipe line or pipe lines to help you decide the appropriate size. Once you have found the right sized faucet the first step to replacing is to turn off the main valve that leads to the fitting. Once the valve is shut you need to open the exiting faucet to let out the remaining water in the pipe line flow out of the faucet. Loosen the nuts attaching the faucet to the sink until the faucet comes out. If you are not sure of the size of the faucet then you can take the old faucet with you while purchasing a new one.

Whip the surface of the sink to keep it clean before installing the faucet. The faucet will have a rubber gasket to hold it tight on to the sink if the rubber gasket is missing putty will do the job. Once you have placed the faucet in place of the old faucet, slip inside the washers on to the shank from below the sink and then screw in the nuts until it holds the faucet tight on to the sink. After connecting the water supply lines to the faucet turn on the water supply line and see to if there are any leaks and the water is flowing out properly.

Installing the right sized water tank

The right size of water tank to be installed in a new home depends on the size of the family and their water usage. Installing a small water tank might save space and money but it will be of a lot of inconvenience for a family having greater water consumption hence it is necessary to choose a size according to the family’s daily water usage requirements. Contractors often suggest installing the 5 gallon sized water tank without even considering the average usage of a family.  If you have a family that takes frequent bath and does more laundry then a larger tank will be required or else the well will pump water frequently to fill the small tank when it empties costing you more energy thus leading to a rise in the energy bill.

There are plenty of benefits installing a larger tank as it means lesser pumping of water, lower energy bill and switches and control components will last longer. Water pumps will last longer as they are made to work lesser as compared to pumping a smaller tank. Even when you are buying a new home you need to check whether a bigger tank is installed. When installing a water pump and a water tank discuss the water usage of your family so that the plumber can help you find the right sized water heater. Though installation of a smaller tank would cost you a lesser amount it is going to cost you more in the long run.

Cleaning a hot water tank on your own

At frequent intervals people keep calling the plumber or the water utility to complain about the stinking smell and bad taste of hot water coming out of their hot water faucet. The most common reason for the problem is because of water tank sediment. Apart from the odour and bad taste it will also lead to lower water pressure. If you may consult a professional they might ask you to replace your hot water tank which is quite an aggressive approach. In most cases a simple cleaning procedure of the hot water tank might provide a relief to the problem. Such problems are more frequent during the summer months. As algae growth are more prominent during the hot summer months. You can eliminate odour and the bad taste by simply emptying the contents of the water tank.

You can clean the tank on your own by following three simple steps. First you will have to turn off the power supply. If you have a gas hot water heater then shut the valve that supplies gas. Once you have done it the second step is to shut off the cold water supply to the water tank. To locate it check the bottom of the tank you would see a valve that is connected to the water tank. In some cases it will be a valve near the heater. Since there are two types of valves one the inlet cold water and the other the outlet hot water you need to feel the pipe attached to the valve to find out which one it is. The final step is to drain the water inside the water tank and for that you will have to connect a garden hose to the drain valve. After connecting the hose tightly to the drain valve safely drain the content into a bucket and the tank will be now clean.

Why you should always hire a professional plumber

The right plumbing fixtures and fittings is crucial while building a home. Regular maintenance is deemed to be essential hence plumbing is a recurring expense that cannot be avoided. Plumbing upkeep is important for both internal as well as external plumbing. To ensure that no plumbing issues are overlooked you need to check for wet walls and seepages. Those who have a limited budget would opt for cheaper plumbing fixtures which are not recommended by professional plumbers as such fixtures are prone to breakages and leaks and you will end up spending more money for maintenance. On hiring a professional plumber all such worries can be put aside as they would ensure a more durable and efficient plumbing system. There are a few parameters that need to be considered before hiring a plumber.

For a healthy plumbing system it is necessary that the plumbers have good knowledge about the comprehending plumbing codes which only a trained and professional plumber would know. Only professionals know which plumbing pattern would suit a building. It varies according to the nature of the building and to get it right you need the help of a pro. The wrong pattern will lead to early damages and repairs. Plumbing is not as simple as it may seem to you, it requires specialized skill and for that you have to see to whether the plumber you are hiring has a valid professional certificate. Hiring a plumber through a recognised HVAC company would ensure you a professional plumber for all your plumbing works.

What to do if your ring falls inside the drain

Accidentally dropping down jewellery down the drain is something that might have happened to most of us. It happens when you are cleaning your ring or earring and it accidentally slips from your hand. Just imagine how you would feel when you have dropped your diamond wedding ring inside the drain. There is no doubt that you will panic because you have no clue how to retrieve it. Retrieving your diamond ring or other valuables that have got down the sink does not require a plumber to retrieve it. A few simple methods mentioned here can help you retrieve the ornament on your own. You will need a bucket, a wrench, a magnet, rubber gloves, string, soap, tongs etc. to carry out the retrieving process. A sink drain usually has a P-trap and through the P-trap you can retrieve things that go down the sink.

If some object has gone down the drain immediately close the faucet. By closing the faucet the object will remain in the P-trap and can be retrieved easily. The next step is to remove the P-trap, place a bucket underneath so that everything that falls while removing it will be collected inside the bucket. You can loosen the nuts using a wrench; after the nuts come out loose remove it with the help of your hand. Now allow the contents to flow inside the bucket you can expect hair, slime, rotten food substances that are collected inside the P-trap. Once you find the ornament replace the P-trap cap and tighten the nut. You can also try retrieving the ring using a magnet tied to a string.

Advantages of dual flush tank

Daily a lot of water is wasted by flushing toilets. A dual flush toilet helps to save water as it offers the choice of two separate flushes. The same amount of water to flush both liquid and solid would mean wasting a lot of water. By installing a dual flush toilet you will be able to save water by choosing between the low and high volume flush button. Your water bill will come down as dual flush toilet will help you save water. Where draughts are plaguing the nation a dual flush toilet will help to save water. The dual flush toilets are available in attractive designs and are aesthetically pleasing. This type of toilet flush will have two buttons one for low volume flush and the other one for high volume flush. This facilitates the use to select the button as per the requirement. It is better and more durable than the pull and push flush model.

The only problem with the dual tank flush is that they are a little complicated to install as compared to an ordinary flush toilet. You will have to hire a professional plumber to carry out the work. Once it is installed by a certified plumber, you will be ensured a trouble free and durable toilet for years to come as well as lower water bill. Hence it is a long term investment that will benefit you every day.  A dual flush toilet is becoming more and more popular around the world due to its water saving feature.