How a dual flush toilet can save you money

Have you ever wondered while flushing the toilet how much water is wasted on each flush? A dual flush toilet can help you save water as it has a low and high volume flushing option. Each time you use the toilet it is not necessary to flush with more water and to save the water from wasting out a dual flush toilet can help you. By making the smart choice you can save half of the water that is used for flushing every day. Apart from saving a lot of money on the water bill you will also be able to do something good for the environment. In the dual tank flush there will be two levers in which one is for flushing a full tank and the other for flushing half tank. You need not have to dismantle the whole unit or tear your bathroom to install it. There is a dual flush retro kit which comes cheap and can be installed easily.

To install the unit you will have to close the water supply valve to the toilet and then drain the tank. To dry out the water completely a sponge can be used. Once you dry the water you need to disconnect the inlet fitting from the water supply. The screws that hold the water tank need to be unscrewed. Remove the connection of the flush handle and then unscrew the nut that holds the large flush valve. Now install the dual flush kit. Go through the instructions so that you will have a clear knowledge on how to install it. They will be a rubber gasket which is fixed inside to prevent leakage.

The significance of hiring a professional contractor in a new building

Plumbing works are involved at some point of time during the construction of a new building and while installing a new plumbing system in a building it is always recommended to hire a professional contractor. Recurring plumbing issues are a headache for the home owners and it happens if the plumbing works are not properly done at the time of installation. A home plumbing system is mainly divided into two aspects the first involves the inlet of water for various requirements like in the kitchen, bathroom, washing machine etc. The second aspect involves draining out the used water from the kitchen drains, bathroom drains, washing machine drains etc. The used water and sewage need to be drained from your house and for that you will need a good drainage system. To make all these work properly and hygienically you need to hire a professional plumber.

A good plumbing system will ensure safe disposal of dirty water out from your house. An efficient contractor will get the work done in such a manner that it will be expelled out from your house safely without any spillage or leakage. The right water pressure, essential shut off valves, water meter, drainage pipelines etc. can be properly installed only with the help of a professional plumbing contractor. If the drainage system does not have the right number of vents then there will be a back flow of poisonous gases. There are certain rules that need to be followed to manage sewage waste and only a professional plumber will know about it.

Determining the cost of a bathroom renovation

For a pleasant and luxurious bathroom you need to make changes or renovate your bathroom. Most of the people are confused on where to start and how much amount to set aside for the renovation. It depends on a number factors like the bathroom size, the contractor to whom you have entrusted the task, the design you have chosen, the fixtures and fittings that you intend to choose etc. If you have a small bathroom then it is easier to renovate and will cost you a lesser amount than a bigger bathroom. The total cost for renovation also depends on the contractor. Hiring the first contractor you have contact with is not a wise thing to do. Get estimates from atleast three to four contractors and compare their rates to find out which contractor will be reasonable to cut down the expenses.

Choosing a complicated design will cost you more money so if you want a simple and reasonable bathroom renovation go for a simple design. The cost of renovation also greatly depends on the type of materials and products used for renovation. Materials are available at different rates some are priced very low and some are very expensive. It is on the material cost that you have control over the cost and can be decided according to your budget. It is up to you to decide what type of renovation you require. If you are into an extravagant renovation then you will have to shell out a lot of money. For simple and basic renovation the cost will be less.

Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

While renovating your bathroom you tend to make many mistakes. You realise your mistake only when the renovation is completed and it becomes too late to rectify your mistakes. On knowing the common bathroom renovation mistakes you can prevent yourself from making such mistakes. The common errors include not changing the plumbing areas which are hard to access. Concealed plumbing lines that are old and worn out need to be replaced with new ones so as to ensure a healthy plumbing system. Replacing them involves breaking the floor and wall tiles so checking them at the time of renovation and replacing damaged and worn out pipe lines with new ones would make it safe for the future.

The bathroom doors are mostly ignored during renovation and the flaws are found out only after the renovation when the door bangs on to the shower wall. This blunder has to be avoided by proper planning at the beginning. Often we forget to include an exhaust fan inside the bathroom which is quite essential to get rid of humidity and odour. Provision for storage is a must while renovating a bathroom if there is no proper storage or compartment for keeping essential toiletries then your bathroom will lose its charm and will lack the basic comfort and convenience. Don’t always go for cheap options as it will affect the quality and durability. While renovating your bathroom enquire about the expenses with at least two to three contractors so that you would be able to choose a reasonable deal.

Bathroom renovation tips

We all want our homes to look good and for that we renovate our house according to our personal taste. As our home ages we get bored to the decorations hence decide to renovate it. The most difficult part of renovation is renovating your bathroom because many plumbing works and fixtures are involved. While renovating your bathroom you can go wrong in many ways. For instance where partial renovation is required you end up renovating the whole bathroom. Renovating certain areas in your bathroom will have an overall impact and can also save you a lot of money. Bathroom renovation involves a number of works from, plumbing to even carpentry works. Depending on the type of renovation you will have to hire the concerned professionals.

When renovating a bathroom completely will cost you a lot of money but you can reduce the amount by partially renovating or by renovating only that is very essential. Choose a contractor for such works after checking their rates as some may offer high discounts. Along with discounts also check the work quality of the contractor. It shouldn’t be that the end result would be a substandard one. While choosing fixtures and faucets for your bathroom make sure to choose items that are durable and non corrosive so that they would last longer. Also check all the plumbing pipe lines and replace corrosive ones with new more durable and non corrosive materials. While choosing floor tiles choose ceramic rough tiles as they are more durable, can be cleaned easily and are not slippery.

When you will need a bathroom renovation

You will think and rethink many a times whether to renovate your bathroom or not. To make an abrupt decision might be tough for you as bathroom renovations usually involve spending a lot of money. Sometimes you feel tired seeing the same old bathroom every morning hence decide to renovate it. Renovating a bathroom may sound exiting but it involves a lot of effort, inconveniences and of course a lot of money. In order to find out whether your bathroom needs a renovation you need to walk into your bathroom and analyse how you feel. If you are dissatisfied then it is a clear sign for renovation. If the bathroom fittings and fixtures have worn out and the tiles have discoloured then it means you need to renovate your bathroom. A loose tile, mold formation, grout flakes are all signs for renovation.

Even if you are going to sell your house, by renovating a worn out bathroom the value of your house will only appreciate. In such case a renovation is essential only if the bathroom appears to be outdated and worn out. Sometimes your bathroom tiles may look good but the fixtures might have worn out in such cases you need to replace only those fixtures and fittings that are damaged. Renovation also depends on your family needs. Sometimes when you have children you may wish to have a bathroom with a larger tub hence you would think of renovating it. When kids grow up and become teenagers their requirements vary and would be to renovate the shower.