Cleaning the drains by hydro jetting method

Cleaning drains using chemicals, augers, plumbing snake and plunger will give you only temporary relief. A slow flowing drain will be completely free from all the clogs only if you would hire a professional plumber. Tough clogs are hard to remove hence such problems have to be dealt by a professional because they will be more skilled and will be equipped with the latest technologies and tools. It is true that a professional drain cleaning service will cost you more than ordinary drain cleaning service but the quality of service is far higher compared to the latter. Moreover you will also be ensured of a more durable solution. Hydro jetting technology is what is popularly used by professional plumbers. This drain cleaning method helps to clear even the toughest clogs. The entire length of your drain pipe line is cleaned by hydro jetting.

Pressurised water is what is used to clean the drains in this method. The clogs that have formed inside the pipelines can be broken down and flushed out using this technology. Whatever grease and impurities are present inside the pipe lines can be cleaned with the help of this method. If the clogs are deep and in areas where it is buried underground then this method would be ideal as you need not have to dig out the pipelines as in traditional methods. Even if there are no clogs cleaning the drain pipelines once in a while would help to extend the life of the pipe lines. It also helps to eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms growing inside.

Water Jetting the most environmental friendly method for cleaning drains

When it is about cleaning your drains you either will opt for water jetting or chemical cleaning methods. The most safer and effective method suggested by most of the plumbers is water jetting method. In water jetting method no chemicals are used. Chemicals are harsh and can damage your pipes. It can also be harmful for your health. In water jetting method the plumber would use a high pressure water jetting equipment. The pressurized water pushes the clog that obstructs the flow inside the pipelines. This not only helps you to clean your drain and sewage pipe neatly but is also safe for the environment as no chemicals are involved. Even underground pipes can be cleaned using this method without having to dig them out. It can unclog even the toughest clogs, debris, sediments and even penetrating roots can be unclogged using this method.

A video inspection along with water jetting technique is the most convenient and cost effective method to unclog a blocked pipe line. A video pipe inspection can help locate the exact location of the block. Once the problem is detected the plumber will adjust the pressure and choose the right pipe fittings to unclog the pipe lines effectively. While hiring a plumber make sure to choose an expert and enquire whether they provide such services. Not all plumbers will be equipped with water jetting tools. Though water jetting method may cost you more than traditional chemical cleaning methods for a safer environment and for a long term result it is better to opt for water jetting method.

Taking care of your home drainage system

No matter how well you have set up your drainage system it may go wrong at some point of time. Many factors can lead to drainage problems, identifying such factors can help you fix the problem more effectively. Sometimes the problem will be with the soil. In certain areas the soil will lack porosity. In such case mixing the top soil with certain materials that would enable the soil to sweep in more sewage will solve the issue. If the soil is mostly clay then it will obstruct the water from sweeping in hence will lead to a back flow. The problem can be resolved by mixing other materials that would make the soil more pores. Sewage lines blocked by tree roots also leads to a back flow of the drainage. It can be resolved by clearing the roots. Water jetting technique can be used to unclog the tree roots without digging or any other mess.

Mostly we call a plumber if anything goes wrong with our drainage system. Since repairing a sewage line is a messy task it has to be done by a professional plumber who will be equipped with latest technologies that can help you carry out the work safely and without any mess. Proper drainage installation is crucial for the drainage system to work properly. The right sized pipes and high quality ones can lengthen the life of your drainage system. For a healthy drainage system it is important that you get the installation done with the help of a professional plumbing contractor.

Drain Jetting – The most effective method for cleaning drains

Drain jetting is a modern way of cleaning drains. A special technique is used to clean the drains in this method. High pressure water jetting is forced through the pipe lines to repair the drains and restore the water and sewer pipe lines back to normal. The most common problem that people face in their home plumbing system is a blocked drain. With the help of drain jetting the clogs can be cleared and the pipes can be restored to its brand new condition. The process cleans and clears the interiors of the pipe lines hence making it free from all debris and clogs. Moreover it is also a cost effective method as no digging to replace the pipe lines is involved in this method. At some point of time the drains will need to be cleaned. Over time the drains get blocked due to various factors like soap, hair, grease etc and will have to be cleaned. If the unit is not cleaned properly then it will lead to emergency situation. Emergency plumbing repair works are often more expensive than normal repair procedures.

Most of the times simple unclogging methods will help clear the block but there may be times when the block recur and then you will have to resort to jet cleaning method in order to stop it from recurring. Not all plumbing companies will be equipped with jetting equipments. Make a call to enquire whether such service is provided. Adopting such a technique will save you time and money so whenever you encounter a case of tough block in your drains then call for a jetting service for a durable and cost effective solution.

Fixing clogged drains by yourself

Plumbing repair works are often expensive and doing a few things on your own will save you the expense. Some clogs can be freed with the help of chemicals and other methods like plunging. Tough clogs like pipelines blocked due to the intervention of tree roots and other tough clogs are hard to get rid off and will require professional help. Clogs have been the most recurring plumbing issue hence its repair and service is available with almost every plumbing company but the exorbitant charges make us rethink whether to hire them or try to fix it ourselves. Clogged drains can happen with tub drains, kitchen drains, wash basin etc. Tub drain clogs occur due to hair and soap so if you notice that the tub drain is not draining well then you need to take measures to remove the hair and grease. Removing the stopper and clearing the hair can solve the problem.

For fixing clogged sinks plunging method can be helpful as it can help you clear almost every clog. Use a plunger and if it doesn’t work then you will have to try other methods like unclogging with chemicals. If none of these methods work then you will have to call a professional to fix the problem. A clog in the sewage pipeline is the most pathetic clog condition and requires emergency plumbing service. If the drains are clogged in such a way that there is back flow of water then it will even lead to flood hence without waiting you need to fix the problem immediately.

When and when not to use chemicals for cleaning drain pipes

Drain cleaning is necessary to keep your home plumbing system run smoothly but have you ever thought about the side effects of drain cleaning using chemicals? If the chemicals are overused then it is sure that there will be a lot of side effects for your drain pipes. So it is important that you use the right amount of chemical drain cleaners. Since these chemicals are available over the counter it makes it easy for use and can be cheaper than hiring a plumber. The easy availability and the ease in its usage don’t make it the best solution for all kinds of drain clogs. If they are not used in the right quantity and in the right manner then there are chances for extensive damage in the pipelines. If the blocks are not too tough then these chemicals can help clear the clog and let water flow out freely. Clogs that happen due to tree roots or tough sediments are hard to remove using this method.

You need to know when you can use the chemicals and when you need to call for professional help. Some clogs that result out of grease, hair, food materials and soap can be cleared by chemical drains that are available over the counter. It should be used only for slow flowing drains and not when water flow stops completely. If the water flow stops then you need call for professional help. The reason for such a block is due to huge obstructions like roots or due to broken or damaged pipe lines.

The side effects of chemical drain cleaning

If the water in your drain stops to flow then it means that something is stuck inside and has to be cleared for the drains to function back to normal. Chemical drain cleaning solutions or powder won’t be able to clear such clogs. Moreover the chemicals will pool up in the pipe and cause further damage. It is also harmful to the plumber who comes to fix the problem because later when you have failed clearing the block using chemical it will remain in the pipe line and will be in direct contact to the person who is repairing it. If your sink or bathroom stops flowing completely due to a block then instead of pouring drain cleaning chemicals call for professional help. It is important that you make the right decision under such circumstances.

One other place where you should avoid using drain cleaning chemicals is in the toilet. Using a plunger would be a safer and smarter option. The system of the toilet works differently and chemicals can cause damage and won’t be an effective solution for clearing toilet clogs. If the clogs cannot be removed by a plunger then it will be better to call for professional help before the situation worsen and lead to emergency repair service which can cost you more than the normal rate. Clearing grease, soap, hair and food particles from the drain pipes can be effectively accomplished by chemical cleaning methods but clogs due to broken pipes and roots need to be fixed by a plumber.

Tips to consider while renovating bathrooms in an old house

An older house may be aesthetically built and will be cozy to live in but what it lacks are modern amenities. Upgrades and repairs have to be done quite often. The plumbing system of old houses are the worst effected. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom with modern plumbing accessories and fixtures then a lot of aspects need to be considered apart from just installing the new fixtures. For your renovation to be successful you need to consider various plumbing issues. Before beginning with any bathroom modernization work check your plumbing system. Check leaks in pipes and also install a shut off valve that will be of use at the time of leaks and future pipe line damages. Old bathrooms may not have a pressure balancing valve which is necessary to control the pressure of the water.

Earlier galvanized pipes where used for plumbing such pipes are no longer used as they corrode and also tend built deposits. Lead and iron pipes are also no longer used so replace the pipes with modern piping to make your plumbing system safe and durable. Drainage is also another issue that can lead to big problems if not replaced or repaired at the time of renovation. Old drains are often clogged and the issue has to be sorted out before installing the new plumbing fixtures in your bathroom or else it would lead to major problems in the future. Sump pumps are often absent in old houses. This prevents flooding and over flowing of excess water. Ask your plumber whether it can installed in your house.

Tools for clearing clogged drains

A plumbing snake is a very effective tool to unclog a drain. There are cheap as well as expensive plumbing snake units available in the market. You can clear a clog using this tool. A motorized plumbing snake makes the work much easier. If you don’t have the essential tools then call a plumber. The snake tool is easy to handle, can work quickly and is also cheap. You can easily find the tools in both online stores as well as ground stores. The main disadvantage of the tool is that it is only 18 inches long hence can clear clogs that are below 18 inch distance. For deeper clogs longer ones are required. An auger is another effective tool to clear small clogs. Stubborn clogs can not be cleared using an auger or a snake. In such cases you will have to try using a chemical drain cleaner and if the clog still remains call for professional help.

Over the counter drain cleaning chemicals are very handy for clearing kitchen drain clogs. Kitchen drain clogs result from grease, food waste and other particles entering the drain pipes. Sometimes drains may be clogged due to tree roots which can be fixed only by professionals. You can avoid kitchen drain clogs by not pouring oil through the drains also make sure to dump the waste left on your plate into the waste basket. This will prevent food and oil to stick to the walls of the drain pipes thus ensuring a free flowing drain.

Installing Kitchen Drains

Plumbing drains are an integral part of a house. People realize its importance only once it clogs or breaks and stops functioning. Since the drains are not visible we have no idea on how long it runs behind the walls and under the floor. Once the drain stops functioning we would wish if we knew the technique of replacing or repairing the drain since such plumbing repair works can not wait and needs to be immediately fixed. Drains are now available in different size and materials. Now only plastic pipes are used hence they are easy to handle than traditional metal pipes. Since plastic pipes can be easily cut and glued its installation has now become much easier.

If you want to replace, repair or install a kitchen sink drain then the first thing you need to do is to check below the sink to find out the required size of the pipe. A piece will be needed to connect the drain to the main drainage pipe line. You will also need plastic washers and nuts to connect the pipe with the drain. Now if you already have a strainer, then place it inside the hole of the sink and connect the lower part of the strainer to the to the garbage disposal unit. Make sure that you secure the sink properly so that it will hold tight. By applying putty underneath the sink and pressing it will fasten the strainer to the sink tightly. Now connect the garbage disposal pipe to the main drainage pipe with a PVC pipe piece with the help of an adhesive.