What are sump pumps used for?

There are some places where the water table is high and hold chances for flooding. If you have a basement then it is almost certain that it will be flooded with water in such areas. Investing in a good sump pump will take care of such issues and will save you a lot of money on property damages. It helps to pump out excess water from your house. If your basement is flooded with water then use the sump pump to drain out the water. Water logging inside the house will damage the structure posing threat to the house. A sump pumps main role is to drain out the excess water and protect the building from water damages. A sump is a well like structure that collects the excess water and if the sump is filled with water it will overflow into the basement and flood the basement the water that is collected in the basement will seep into cracks and damage the property. The sump pump will force the water to flow out of your sump through a pipe which can be directed towards the city drain.

Not all homes will need to install a sump pump. Only those homes that have water flooding in the basement will require a sump pump. There are a few things that you need to look into while installing a sump pump. A submersible one will be ideal if the sump is deep enough to hold it. Covering the sump with a lid will help reduce the noise of the unit while it is functioning.

Advantage of trenchless sewer repair over traditional methods

Sewer issues are a very common problem among house owners. Since it is a messy repair work dealing with the process makes us wish that some kind of a magic will help sort out the problem. In traditional sewer repair methods the plumbing workers would have to dig all around your yard until they find out the problem and repair it. Now most of the homeowners prefer trenchless sewer repair methods because of its ease and convenience. It is a repair method which involves very little digging so your yard will be kept intact. Since this method uses advanced technology and equipment it might be a little expensive. If paying the extra amount can buy you peace of mind then rate is not going to affect your choice for a trenchless sewer repair work.

When you hear the cost it may sound to be more than the traditional method but if you would calculate the cost of damages that you need later repair then it will in fact turn out to be less expensive. Since no digging up your yard is involved in a trenchless sewer repair method your yard will not require any restoration. With this method the repair works can be done faster and more efficiently. Everything in your yard your fences, plants, lawn will be intact. The pipe lines that are replaced by trenchless methods are more durable and stronger as they are made out of special materials. In trenchless method a small camera is inserted through the pipeline hence enabling the plumber to find out the exact location of the problem area and enabling them to fix it more efficiently.

Hydro Jetting explained in detail

Clogs are plumbing issues that home or business owners face frequently. Clogs recur because they are not fixed properly. Home owners temporarily unclog the drain by using chemicals or using traditional plumbing repair methods but these methods will only provide temporary relief after few months the problem will recur and you will have to deal with the problem again. Hydro scrubbing or hydro jetting can help you with a long lasting result. It is a new technique that can remove all types of clogs, even the toughest ones. It is a process in which highly pressurized water is forced through the drain pipe lines. The high pressure pushes down the clogs and carries it out of the system thus cleaning through its way all foreign substances present inside the pipe lines.

A hydro jetter comprises of a high pressure long hose, a tank of water and a pressurized mechanism that helps in creating the high pressure for the water. There are hydro jetters that can handle even pipelines that run hundreds of feet underground. It can get rid of clogs that traditional methods like snaking and chemical clean up have failed. Clogs caused from root interruptions can be cleared using this method. If grease and other oily stuffs have clogged in the drain pipes then it can be effectively removed using this method. If hydro jetting fails which is a rare case you will have to get a video inspection done to find out the cause and then get it fixed accordingly.

Repair sewer pipe lines with trenchless sewer repair method

Earlier if you have had a problem with your sewer line the plumber would dig the whole of your back yard to find out where the line has damages and then repair or replace it. Apart from bearing the sewer repair expenses you will also have to shell out a whole lot of money to repair your back yard damages caused out of extensive digging. To avoid such mess and to reduce repair expenses it is better to go for modern sewer line repair methods like trenchless sewer repair method. In this method only two access points are dug. The problem area is located through video inspection. A tiny camera with a long chord is pushed down the sewer lines which take pictures and reveals all that is inside the pipe line. Once the plumber finds the exact location of the damage they move on to the area and dig two access points so that the necessary repair or replacement process can be done.

Since digging is limited to a small area there won’t be much tampering with your backyard. Not all plumbing companies offer such modern plumbing repair services so enquire whether they can provide such services before hiring one for repairing your home sewer line. The cost will be higher than traditional sewer line method but you can save yourself from other damages. You can also save time since traditional methods take longer time for repair. Using a trenchless method sewer lines can be repaired within a few hours unlike traditional method that takes days to complete the same task.

Repairing damaged sewer lines without any mess

Whatever problems you have with your sewer lines you need to call an expert plumber to fix it. Dealing with sewer lines is a messy job hence only professional plumbers can help you solve the issue with lesser mess and more hygienically. It is important that you choose the right plumber who can help you solve the issue from the root. Sewer lines are buried underground and is difficult to repair using traditional methods. Moreover digging out and repairing the pipelines also involves a great deal of property damage hence can turn out to be a costly affair. Apart from the cost the mess that results out of traditional methods are quite difficult to handle.  Clogs, tree roots, broken pipe lines are damages that need to be repaired by a professional plumber equipped with modern tools and equipments who can help you resolve the issue much faster and with lesser mess. A sewer line is either repaired or replaced. If any of the pipelines of your home sewer system is damaged badly then it has to be replaced with a new one or else you will be staking the health of your family.

Modern plumbing services involve detecting damages using camera and then repairing the area. If the problem area is detected through video inspection then it will be easy to repair as the plumber has to dig only that particular area and replace the pipe thus reducing the mess. Trenchless sewer line repair is the latest and the most convenient method for repairing sewer lines.

Advantages of sewer video inspection method

Slow drains and sewage back flow are common plumbing problems that happen in every household. Traditional sewage repair methods are lengthy and messy so people these days prefer modern ways for fixing sewer lines. Hiring a professional plumber will help you solve your entire sewer and drainage related problems more conveniently. Sewer camera inspection helps to identify the problem much faster and easier. Diagnosing the problem accurately is necessary to fix it effectively and sewer camera inspection method will help you locate the exact location where the damage is caused. If you don’t want to go through the inconveniences that we usually face in traditional methods then all you have to do is call a professional plumber and fix an appointment as they will be equipped with modern technology. In traditional method your back yard will have to be dug extensively which is something that will add up to the cost. Traditional methods are quite destructive hence are least preferred now. Through camera inspection method extensive damages can be avoided which means less messy repair works.

Whatever problems are inside the sewer pipe lines, be it cracks, tree root intervention, burst pipe, clogs or any other causes can be detected through the camera inspection method.  A small water proof camera is attached to a long flexible wire and passed through the sewer line. The camera takes pictures and transmits it thus enabling the plumber to identify the exact spot where the damage has taken place. The technique helps in speeding up the process of sewer pipe line repair.

Cleaning and maintaining your septic tank

It is important that you clean and maintain your septic tank as it is a crucial part of the home plumbing system. Anything going wrong with the system will end you up in trouble. You can also save yourself from huge plumbing repair bills by taking care of your sewer system. A sewage leak is something we never would like to experience and to avoid it you need to take proper care of your septic tank by cleaning and maintaining it. Replacing a septic tank can cost you a lot of money which can be avoided. As time passes the septic tank accumulates a lot of waste and sludge which will eventually affect the proper disposal of waste. A back flow of the sewage is what may happen ultimately which can turn out to be quite messy. Raw sewage flowing back into your house is unbearable and troublesome.

To avoid such mess you need to call a plumbing service to pump out the waste from your septic tank once in a while. The most ideal time interval for pumping your septic tank waste would be at least once in two years. Such precautions will prevent blockage in the sewer lines. A good plumbing service will be equipped with tools that can pump out the wastes without messing the surrounding areas. Inspecting your plumbing system is another most important aspect to consider keeping your septic tank work smoothly. A plumber will check for leaks, cracked pipes and similar problems that if not repaired will lead to major plumbing issues in the future.

Sewer line inspection with the help of fiber optic camera

The latest and the most convenient method of inspecting a sewer line, is with the help of a small fiber optic camera. Earlier the process of repairing sewer lines by finding out the blocks where painful and troublesome as it involves excavating large areas where ever the sewer lines are running. This process usually leads to a lot of property damage, time and money. Sewer line blocks are very common in New Jersey and are also the most troublesome plumbing problem. The latest, sophisticated and the most convenient method of inspecting a sewer line is with the help of a small fiber optic camera that is passed through the sewer line. This method has made the whole process of sewer line inspection easier and less destructive.

A plumbing company equipped with this latest technology when called for inspection, will pass the camera through the sewer lines that will provide them visual images of what is inside the pipe lines thus making it easier to detect the damages and the blocks without having to excavate a large area. Even the location can be detected accurately using this small but mighty camera. Almost all the problems like a crushed or broken pipe, blockage due to tree roots, pipes that have disjoined etc can be detected with the help of this camera. Once the location of the damages have been detected with the help of this technology only that area need to be dug thus saving you a lot of time, money and trouble.

Checking and repairing your sewer line

A majority of sewer line repairs arise due to blockages in the sewer pipe lines. What most home owners do to clear the clog is to pour clog clearing chemicals when they find out the first signs of clog such as a slow flowing drain. Pouring harsh chemicals will only provide you temporary solution. It is not at all good in case of older pipes that are made of clay as these chemicals will eat up the material eventually leading to breakage. Tree roots are another cause for damage of the sewer lines. Planting tree too close to the foundation of the house will damage the pipe lines leading to costly repair works.

Check for problems with the drain and if you notice any stains near the foundation then it is time to call for professional help to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. If these matters are not dealt with immediately then it can lead to serious problems in the future that may cost you a fortune. Calling a professional plumber to fix the problem will save you from a possible major repair and property damage in future. Minor repairs can be easily carried out by a plumber and won’t cost you much. For instance a cracked pipe can be repaired easily by coating with epoxy inside the pipe near the cracked areas. Replacement of pipes is another option if the damage is over a short length. Power rodders can clear light blocks and clogs. Septic tank sewer line repairs are more complicated. Since the lines have to be dug out from your backyard beginning from the connection to your house till the septic tank.

Handling emergency plumbing issues

Emergency plumbing issues are common at all households. Instead of dealing it with patience we freak out and call for emergency plumbing services which would cost us more than the normal plumbing costs. Some issues may not be serious in nature as we presume to be and can hence be handled by our self. Leaky pipes are the most common plumbing problem that can ruin our floor and walls if not dealt with immediately. Try to find the origin of the leak and close the valve leading to that pipe. If the pipe is having only a small hole then it can be closed using a sealant. The sealant has to be let to dry for one whole day before using the pipe. If pipe replacement is required then you will have to call for professional help. Clogged drains are another common issue which can be dealt with a plunger or a drain cleaning chemical. Pouring hot water through the drain will help clear a grease clog.

Faucets leak quite often it can be replaced very easily by us. All you have to do is stop the water supply to the faucet, loosen the thread of the old faucet to remove it and then replace it with the new one. These are simple plumbing issues that can be handled by your own. Remember if some serious and complicated repair is involved then it is better to call for professional help. If you are not familiar with the procedures then it is better to call for plumbing services from a reputed plumbing company.