Checking and repairing your sewer line

A majority of sewer line repairs arise due to blockages in the sewer pipe lines. What most home owners do to clear the clog is to pour clog clearing chemicals when they find out the first signs of clog such as a slow flowing drain. Pouring harsh chemicals will only provide you temporary solution. It is not at all good in case of older pipes that are made of clay as these chemicals will eat up the material eventually leading to breakage. Tree roots are another cause for damage of the sewer lines. Planting tree too close to the foundation of the house will damage the pipe lines leading to costly repair works.

Check for problems with the drain and if you notice any stains near the foundation then it is time to call for professional help to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. If these matters are not dealt with immediately then it can lead to serious problems in the future that may cost you a fortune. Calling a professional plumber to fix the problem will save you from a possible major repair and property damage in future. Minor repairs can be easily carried out by a plumber and won’t cost you much. For instance a cracked pipe can be repaired easily by coating with epoxy inside the pipe near the cracked areas. Replacement of pipes is another option if the damage is over a short length. Power rodders can clear light blocks and clogs. Septic tank sewer line repairs are more complicated. Since the lines have to be dug out from your backyard beginning from the connection to your house till the septic tank.

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