Checklist of plumbing maintenance

Owning a home is not cheap high maintenance charges are part of the scenario. Keeping your home in good condition should be your highest priority. It will make your home more comfortable to live in. A sound maintenance should be scheduled and followed strictly. At least an annual maintenance plan should be sorted out though a six months maintenance period is ideal. Preparing a checklist for maintenance will ensure that you won’t leave or overlook any of the maintenance works. The following are the check list that you need to follow in order to ensure that nothing is forgotten. Look for signs for leaks near all the exterior pipelines. Check whether any of the pipelines is corroded if so then note it down for repair when the plumber arrives. Corrosion will eventually lead to leaky pipes if not repaired.

Testing your water pressure will help you determine whether there is any problem in the main pipe lines. Check all the faucets and other fixtures from which water flows out. A low pressure means there is problem in the plumbing system due to corrosion, leak or other damages. Sometimes the faucet screens and shower heads may be clogged so clean it and then check the pressure. If the pressure is still low then it means the problem is within the pipelines. Drains also need to be checked. Drains include sink, shower, tub, bathroom washing machine, dishwasher drains etc. If the drains are slow running then it means that it is clogged and need to be cleaned.