Different types of PEX pipes

PEX pipes are now widely used in both domestic and commercial plumbing requirements. It is sometimes referred to as Cross-linked polyethylene. It is used for various purposes like water piping, electrical cables, hydronic radiant heating and cooling systems etc. It is resistant to chemical reaction hence can also be used for transporting chemicals, oil etc. It is also suitable for sewage plumbing. There are three types of PEX pipes PEX-a, PEX-b and PEX-c. PEX-a is the strongest one and it is the most flexible one. It is manufactured by using peroxide method. The peroxide crystals are melted at a very high temperature. Since the material is very strong it won’t tear easily. It is suitable for all plumbing requirements and radiant heating. It requires very little joints and fittings. It is the most expensive among the PEX pipes.

The PEX-b pipes are made by saline and moisture cure methods. It is manufactured under optimal temperature. It is highly resistant to chlorine and prevents oxidation. This type of pipes is the cheapest among PEX pipes and is the most used ones due to which a large quantity is manufactured. It has also got the highest bursting pressure. It is slightly stiffer than PEX-a and are hence less flexible compared to the ‘a’ category. PEX-C is the pipes that are manufactures using Electronic Irradiation. These are softer than PEX-b but can break easily. They are environmental friendly for the manufacturers. PEX-c pipes are not widely used. The most commonly used ones are the PEX-a and PEX-b variety.