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For more than 20 years, First Class Plumbing & Heating has been building a highly respected reputation in the industry through high standard repairs and superior customer service excellence. We treat every case as if our own plumbing and heating systems are involved making sure that every valued client in Westwood receives nothing less than high end repair, installation, and maintenance solutions executed with extreme accuracy and precision.

No matter what or how complicated your plumbing and heating problems get, we make sure that we are able to put that nice smile back in your face. All our plumbers/technicians here at First Class Plumbing & Heating are licensed, certified, and rigorously trained professionals with deep experience in the industry to best secure the greatest and most satisfying customer experience in every case that we handle. We are a 24 hour service expert offering round-the-clock availability for both standard and emergency repair needs. We also have the most complete array of plumbing and heating services as well as main hardware and accessory solutions making us the most ideal and reliable one-stop shop in Westwood NJ.

Important plumbing facts that you should know

When it comes to plumbing, most property owners have no or little knowledge at all about it. As far as keeping your plumbing system in good condition for the longest time possible is concerned, having the basic knowledge and basic understanding about this particular type of technology is a very critical factor. So here are some important facts about plumbing that you probably don’t know about until now:

  • The technology of plumbing has been in use for as early as 3000 B.C. by a civilization that flourished along the Indus River Valley. Copper made pipes were already in use to transport fresh water into the house and assist waste water disposal.
  • If you think dripping water doesn’t count, you thought wrong. If your faucet drips twice every minute, you’ll be wasting at least a gallon of precious water per week. And that is clean fresh water that you can use for drinking, cooking, and everything else.
  • Do you know why your toilet is also known as “the John”? It is simply because the man that invented the flushing toilet is John Harrington back in 1596. Now you know!
  • Insulated pipes are more effective in reducing your heater’s load thus significantly lowering your monthly utility bills.
  • Manhole covers are circle in shape so as to avoid falling straight down to its own opening even when it is turned sideways.

Whether or not it is your first time to acquire plumbing and heating services in Westwood NJ, we are the right company to call to. We offer free on-the-phone consultation and estimate to help property owners acquire accurate and honest quotes on the needed solutions. Call us now at 866-945-0573 and we will be more than glad to extend professional assistance even in the dead of night.