How a dual flush toilet can save you money

Have you ever wondered while flushing the toilet how much water is wasted on each flush? A dual flush toilet can help you save water as it has a low and high volume flushing option. Each time you use the toilet it is not necessary to flush with more water and to save the water from wasting out a dual flush toilet can help you. By making the smart choice you can save half of the water that is used for flushing every day. Apart from saving a lot of money on the water bill you will also be able to do something good for the environment. In the dual tank flush there will be two levers in which one is for flushing a full tank and the other for flushing half tank. You need not have to dismantle the whole unit or tear your bathroom to install it. There is a dual flush retro kit which comes cheap and can be installed easily.

To install the unit you will have to close the water supply valve to the toilet and then drain the tank. To dry out the water completely a sponge can be used. Once you dry the water you need to disconnect the inlet fitting from the water supply. The screws that hold the water tank need to be unscrewed. Remove the connection of the flush handle and then unscrew the nut that holds the large flush valve. Now install the dual flush kit. Go through the instructions so that you will have a clear knowledge on how to install it. They will be a rubber gasket which is fixed inside to prevent leakage.