How to install a new washing machine

Once we purchase a washing machine and is brought to our house the next step is to install it instead of waiting for a plumber we can install it on our own and save money. The two major connections that need to be done for the washing machine to be fully functional are connecting the drain pipeline and the water supply pipeline to the washing machine. If the water supply connection is done incorrectly then it will flood the house and create a mess. If water spills over the electronic parts of the machine then it will damage the unit hence you need to be very careful while connecting the water supply pipe lines. Read the instructions carefully and follow it step by step. Unpack the unit and assemble all the parts that are not connected.

To connect the washing machine to the water supply pipeline there will be a connecting tube which will be inside the package box of the washing machine, connect the two ends of the pipe line with the attached screw, one end to the water inlet faucet and the other end to the washing machine inlet pipe. Make sure to tighten screw properly or else there will be leak. Once you have fastened the water supply pipeline the next step is to fix the drain pipeline. Connect one end of the drain pipe to the machine drain slot and the other end to the drainage after reading the instruction. The drain slot will be on the right as well as the left side of the unit attach the drain hose to the side in which the drain is located. Open the inlet valve and check the unit be setting any of the wash cycle.