How to save water and reduce your water bill

Water conservation is the need of the hour as it is a natural resource that is depleting at a very fast pace. Following a few simple water saving techniques can help you prevent water wastage. Though changing your water usage habits may sound a little difficult to follow you will eventually get used to it. If you have any leaking faucets fix it as soon as possible because a dripping faucet means loss of lots of water and your water bill will run high. Installing a sensor activated faucet can control water wastage especially in homes where there are kids. Use a dishwasher to wash utensils and run it only when it is fully loaded. If you have an old dishwasher then you need to replace it with a new one as it uses more water to wash the dishes. If you don’t have a dishwasher then scrub all the utensils first and then put them all in the sink and wash it one by one, you can save a lot of water this way.

While washing clothes use your washing machine only when it is full. Washing frequently means wasting water. A water saving shower can help save a lot of water consult your plumber and get it installed so that you can save water and at the same time reduce your water bill. There are dual flush toilets that can help you save water. Water that is wasted in a single flush can be controlled by installing a dual flush toilet.