Hydro Jetting explained in detail

Clogs are plumbing issues that home or business owners face frequently. Clogs recur because they are not fixed properly. Home owners temporarily unclog the drain by using chemicals or using traditional plumbing repair methods but these methods will only provide temporary relief after few months the problem will recur and you will have to deal with the problem again. Hydro scrubbing or hydro jetting can help you with a long lasting result. It is a new technique that can remove all types of clogs, even the toughest ones. It is a process in which highly pressurized water is forced through the drain pipe lines. The high pressure pushes down the clogs and carries it out of the system thus cleaning through its way all foreign substances present inside the pipe lines.

A hydro jetter comprises of a high pressure long hose, a tank of water and a pressurized mechanism that helps in creating the high pressure for the water. There are hydro jetters that can handle even pipelines that run hundreds of feet underground. It can get rid of clogs that traditional methods like snaking and chemical clean up have failed. Clogs caused from root interruptions can be cleared using this method. If grease and other oily stuffs have clogged in the drain pipes then it can be effectively removed using this method. If hydro jetting fails which is a rare case you will have to get a video inspection done to find out the cause and then get it fixed accordingly.

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