Installing the right sized water tank

The right size of water tank to be installed in a new home depends on the size of the family and their water usage. Installing a small water tank might save space and money but it will be of a lot of inconvenience for a family having greater water consumption hence it is necessary to choose a size according to the family’s daily water usage requirements. Contractors often suggest installing the 5 gallon sized water tank without even considering the average usage of a family.  If you have a family that takes frequent bath and does more laundry then a larger tank will be required or else the well will pump water frequently to fill the small tank when it empties costing you more energy thus leading to a rise in the energy bill.

There are plenty of benefits installing a larger tank as it means lesser pumping of water, lower energy bill and switches and control components will last longer. Water pumps will last longer as they are made to work lesser as compared to pumping a smaller tank. Even when you are buying a new home you need to check whether a bigger tank is installed. When installing a water pump and a water tank discuss the water usage of your family so that the plumber can help you find the right sized water heater. Though installation of a smaller tank would cost you a lesser amount it is going to cost you more in the long run.