Maintaining a Healthy sink drain

For a problem free kitchen drain it is important to maintain it. A well maintained and working sink will prevent the backing of water into the house. Most of the people spend a lot of money on getting them installed but forget how to maintain it. It is equally important to maintain a kitchen sink to ensure that it would work smoothly. A kitchen sink that is not maintained well will stink and spread bad odour throughout the house. It will be clogged and will not let water flow out freely. Such issues are annoying as well as bad for our health. The germs that spread in the air will make us sick.

Following a few maintenance tips can help prevent such problems from occurring. Pour around one table spoon of baking soda followed by half cup vinegar and then let it stand for half an hour. After half an hour pour one bucket of hot water to clean up the mixture and flush down whatever is clogged inside the drain pipelines. It will get rid of mild clogs and build-ups and if you do it every week it will prevent stubborn clogs from forming and blocking the drains. Do not pour any grease or oil through the kitchen sink as it will clog the pipelines. Empty the plates and utensils and dump the waste inside the waste bin before putting them in the sink. Pouring boiling water daily will prevent clogs and bad odour. Avoid chemical drain cleaners as it can damage the pipelines.