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Common plumbing issues

A plumbing system is a very complex network of pipes that carry water in and out of an establishment. It is comprised by two major subsystems and applies the laws of gravity, pressure, and water level. Pipes in your plumbing run in almost every corner of your property particularly in the bathroom, kitchen, and in your bedroom. And most of the time, plumbing problems can and will occur almost anywhere due to various causes. As a responsible property owner, it is critical to make yourself aware about the varying problems that you may encounter with your plumbing system in order to prevent worsening any situation in the future.

  • Low pressure – Perhaps one of the most common problems any homeowner may encounter particularly with his faucet in the sink is low water pressure. In most cases, such a problem affects the pressure in both hot and cold water which can be very inconvenient. And the most common cause of the problem is a blocked aerator due to accumulated calcium deposits. Aerators are easy to detach and clean.
  • Slow draining tub and sink – This type of problem can and will occur no matter how careful you are when it comes to using your sink or tub. Through time, the drain collects hair and other types of debris that can potentially affect the draining capability of the tub ad sink. To solve the problem, simply remove the pop-up/tub stopper and take out all the hair and debris that has clogged the drain. It is also best to remove hair and debris from time to time even if there is still no visible manifestation of slow draining tub/sink.
  • Leaky under-sink pipes – Pipes that are found under the sink are often vulnerable to leaks. Acting as a one of the kitchen’s storage area, it can be expected for the pipes to be knocked out of place from time to time. In this case, a simple tightening task can do the trick. But if leaks still persist, it is best to call for professional assistance from genuine plumbers in Allendale NJ like First Class Plumbing & Heating.