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Plumbing Repairs in Fair Lawn, NJ

Leaks are no doubt the most commonly shared plumbing problem at home, in schools, commercial buildings, federal offices, and everywhere else. They often go undetected and can eventually lead to huge significant increases on your monthly utility bills. But even without direct help from trained professionals, property owners can beat these annoying leaks through simple but effective maintenance techniques.

Conducting a leak test should be consistently observed from time to time. If you have just replaced a valve component, leak test the system by simultaneously opening and closing the valve for a couple of times. And while you’re at it, check on the sink and/or tub drain as well. Fill it up and let it drain to see if whether or not the pipes underneath it have leaks. When it comes to gas lines check leaks using ample amount of soapy water. Apply the solution throughout the surface of the pipes. Bubbles should appear on areas that have leaks.

No matter the simplicity or complexity of your leak problems, never hesitate to call First Class Plumbing & Heating to get your problems sealed in no time. We arrive in minutes from the time you make your call assuring the most immediate relief in every situation.