Repair sewer pipe lines with trenchless sewer repair method

Earlier if you have had a problem with your sewer line the plumber would dig the whole of your back yard to find out where the line has damages and then repair or replace it. Apart from bearing the sewer repair expenses you will also have to shell out a whole lot of money to repair your back yard damages caused out of extensive digging. To avoid such mess and to reduce repair expenses it is better to go for modern sewer line repair methods like trenchless sewer repair method. In this method only two access points are dug. The problem area is located through video inspection. A tiny camera with a long chord is pushed down the sewer lines which take pictures and reveals all that is inside the pipe line. Once the plumber finds the exact location of the damage they move on to the area and dig two access points so that the necessary repair or replacement process can be done.

Since digging is limited to a small area there won’t be much tampering with your backyard. Not all plumbing companies offer such modern plumbing repair services so enquire whether they can provide such services before hiring one for repairing your home sewer line. The cost will be higher than traditional sewer line method but you can save yourself from other damages. You can also save time since traditional methods take longer time for repair. Using a trenchless method sewer lines can be repaired within a few hours unlike traditional method that takes days to complete the same task.

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