What causes clogs and how to prevent it?

Generally clogged drains develop very slowly. To prevent clogs you need to know what can go through and what should not go through the drains. Sometimes clogs may develop suddenly for instance if something gets blocked inside the drain then your drain gets clogged and you will have to call a plumber to clear the clog in order to use it. There are different reasons for a clog to develop in a drain; it may be due to food particles that get stuck inside the drain, children’s toys, flushing of sanitary napkins etc. Such items should not go down the drain and have to be prevented. To avoid kitchen drain clogs you need to ensure that all the food wastes are emptied from the vessel before putting them into the sink. Also avoid pouring down oil and grease through the sink because oil and grease may harden inside the drain pipe and clog the drains. Pour hot water regularly to melt grease built up. Do not flush sanitary napkins as they can get blocked in the sewer pipe lines.

There are some clogs that are unavoidable like clogs resulting from tree roots. Only a plumber can identify such clogs and repair it. Once you understand how clogs are formed you can take the necessary precautions to avoid the clog. Train your kids and others at home to follow those instructions that will prevent clogs. A clog will eventually make your plumbing system difficult to use so it is always advisable to prevent things that will lead to clogging of drains.