What leads to drain clogs?

Clogged drains are a household problem that most encounter frequently. Such issues need to be resolved quickly or else you will have to deal with a huge mess. Various factors lead to drain clogs. You can prevent the clogs by understanding the factors that eventually lead to clogging of the drains. The two drains that get clogged easily are the bathroom drains and the kitchen drains. Substances that clog the bathroom drain include hair, soap and chemical build-ups from cleaning agents. These substances accumulate in the drain and eventual clogs it obstructing the water from flowing freely. Install a strainer on the drains and clean them frequently so that the drain never gets clogged. Pouring enough water through the drain after taking a bath will ensure that all the substances are flushed out of the drain pipe thus keeping it clean always.

Another area where the drains frequently clog is in the kitchen sink. Food, grease and other substances cause the kitchen sink drain to clog. Before putting the dishes and plates for washing in the sink clear the waste and dump it in the thrash to ensure that nothing goes down the drain and block it. Running hot water down the sink once a week will clear all grease build-ups. Pouring a homemade drain cleaning solution by mixing vinegar and baking soda will clean the drain pipes and prevent it from clogging. Pour this solution and after one hour pour hot water to release all clogs in the drain pipe.

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