What to do if your kitchen sink won’t drain?

Clogged and slow running kitchen drain is a popular concern in most of the households. You will have to deal with the mess if you ignore it. What first comes to our mind on discovering a slow running drain is to go for chemical cleaning. There are different types of chemical cleaning products available in the market but chemicals are not recommended for septic tank drainage system. Chemicals are also harmful for the environment hence using it extensively is not good so instead of going for the option try other safer methods like clearing the clog with the help of a plunger or a plumbing snake. These tools can be used from the kitchen sink drain only if the garbage disposal is not installed. If there is a garbage disposal unit installed then you will be able to use these tools only from the outside of the house through the clean out access.

A plunger has a funnel shaped rubber head with a stick handle. The rim will seal tightly when pressed around the drain. Rubbing petroleum jelly around the rim will help it to stick more tightly thus enabling better suction. After filling the rubber head with water you need to place it on the drain and push it up and down to loosen the clog. Another tool that can help you clear clogs in the drain is a plumber’s snake. It is a long and flexible piece of cable that can be put through the drain and rotated around to clear the clogs.

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