What to do if your ring falls inside the drain

Accidentally dropping down jewellery down the drain is something that might have happened to most of us. It happens when you are cleaning your ring or earring and it accidentally slips from your hand. Just imagine how you would feel when you have dropped your diamond wedding ring inside the drain. There is no doubt that you will panic because you have no clue how to retrieve it. Retrieving your diamond ring or other valuables that have got down the sink does not require a plumber to retrieve it. A few simple methods mentioned here can help you retrieve the ornament on your own. You will need a bucket, a wrench, a magnet, rubber gloves, string, soap, tongs etc. to carry out the retrieving process. A sink drain usually has a P-trap and through the P-trap you can retrieve things that go down the sink.

If some object has gone down the drain immediately close the faucet. By closing the faucet the object will remain in the P-trap and can be retrieved easily. The next step is to remove the P-trap, place a bucket underneath so that everything that falls while removing it will be collected inside the bucket. You can loosen the nuts using a wrench; after the nuts come out loose remove it with the help of your hand. Now allow the contents to flow inside the bucket you can expect hair, slime, rotten food substances that are collected inside the P-trap. Once you find the ornament replace the P-trap cap and tighten the nut. You can also try retrieving the ring using a magnet tied to a string.