What type of PEX plumbing you need to choose

Most of the plumbers now recommend PEX pipe lines as they are more convenient to install and are cheaper than metal pipe lines. Since there are basically three types of PEX pipes people get confused on what to install. PEX is the most flexible one and is a plumber’s favourite as they are easy to install. The bends can be repaired easily with the help of a heat gun. It doesn’t coil up and even if there is a bend it can be straightened out easily. It is time tested and has been in the market for a long period of time hence are more reliable than all other forms of PEX piping. The two disadvantages that it has are that it has a high rate of chemical which is quite a concern for plumbing use. It also costs higher than the other varieties.

PEX B is the most favoured choice as they are cheaper and more durable. Most of the users are happy with its usage and are hence time tested. It is highly resistant to oxidation making it more durable and crack free for a long period of time. Any bends in this type of pipe lines cannot be repaired by a heat gun. To repair it you will have to use a coupling. It is rare for bends to appear though. PEX C is a less popular version of PEX piping. Reports of early oxidation have been found out with this type of PEX piping hence it is recommended to avoid it completely.