Why PEX piping is a better choice over copper piping?

There are many advantages for PEX piping over copper piping and ever since PEX piping has been introduced in the market it has dominating the world of plumbing. PEX pipes are like electric cables and are very flexible. It can be installed in one long running tube due to its flexible nature. Traditional copper pipes are difficult to cut and install and are hence very complicated for installation unlike PEX piping which can be handled easily. A handy tool is all that is needed to cut the PEX pipe and that too without much effort. A copper pipe not only takes longer to cut but it also takes extra time for reaming the end that is cut. PEX pipes are easy to connect to any fittings and valves. Since it easily stretches by compression it can be installed effortlessly and will also get back to its original size when needed. A copper pipe line need to be soldered to join and hence takes a lot of time.

It is easy to install a PEX pipe by joining your existing copper pipes with the help of brass fittings. To join a PEX pipe you need to connect one end of the PEX pipe to a compression ring and with the help of an expander tool you can enlarge the pipe and then slide it over to the connecting brass fitting once it is fitted it will shrink to fit the size to make a water tight connection. PEX pipes are light in weight and can be easily moved from one place to another unlike cooper pipe lines which are heavier and difficult to move.